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Thredbo Accommodation and Reservations, Discover Thredbo is Thredbo’s largest individual manager of self contained properties in Thredbo and have been in operation since 2001. We have been property owners in the village since 1997 and prior to that members of Thredbo ski lodges.
Our company Discover Thredbo, pioneered accommodation for rent via the internet in Thredbo and leads the way in the presentation of our properties online at our various websites with the ability to check availaibility and pricing, book and pay. Our company manages more than 50 properties in Thredbo and has provided booking and accommodation services in Thredbo since 2001.
It is our goal to deliver holiday rental properties that are superior in functionality and presentation over all others. At our websites, your property clearly displays what is being offered, floor plans, virtual tours and multiple images of the property.

How our customers rate our business

The feedback from guests is the most important element in operating a property management business anywhere. The statistics below are a 100% , up to date representation of surveys from our guests since November 2012 and reflect the good, the bad and of course the opinions of those in between. We at are please to be able to present this ever changing information to you for the betterment of your accommodation booking decision.

Our Statistics

Would you stay the in the same property again: 84%
Our average cleanliness on arrival rating: 8.3/10
Was our clients expectations met ?: 8.3/10
Was the property value For Money ?: 7.4/10
How did our clients rate the Booking Process: 8.3/10
Our Consultants Knowledge of the properties: 8.5/10
Would Recommend to your friends: 95%

Why Book With Us ?

Our Properties

No more any other reason that we are pleased to provide you with real, live and honest statistical information from every survey received from our past clientelle.
80% of all our properties have wireless internet or have shared access to a wireless internet, for a complete list of properties with Internet follow this link.
80% of all our properties have Nespresso coffee machines installed
80% of all our properties are tagged ” Kitchen Extras Plus” which means the property you stay in has at a minimum, a Nespresso coffee machine, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a blender and a sandwich maker. Look for the Kitchen Extras Plus logo
Over 90% of our properties offer Austar TV either through satelite of through Telstra TBox
We have more properties with an outdoor spa than any other, for our complete list of properties with an outdoor spa follow this link
Every one of our properties has keyless entry with the majority of our properties having installed the revolutionary KABA door security and locking system meaning that you door is your door code.
Every one of our properties has a outdoor BBQ
Every one of our properties has its own linen, that means fitted quality commercial linen and every property has large bath sheets with the majority supplied with Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheets by Canningvale and not some cheap hire towels and sheets.
On your day of arrival you go direct to your property, none of the old, park go to an agency, sign up, pick up a key process that was invented in yesteryear. 92% of our guest surveys rate this process 10/10.
We offer the premium of the Thredbo Woodridge properties with a greater range than any other manager.
Our communication with you the client is second to none.
At the completion of your booking you are given the opportunity to complete a guest survey which is forwarded to the property owner. See our property survey results.


Our Staff

Thredbonet Marketing are one of the few management teams in Thredbo that has staff living in a close proximity to the property you are staying. Yes living in the village of Thredbo, their number is 02 64 577365. Our booking office is located in Sydney. Phone 9929 7944

Our Owners

Expereinced Thredbo people who in general understand the requirements of what is required in the unique environment of Thredbo. Many of these owners have had their Thredbo property investment with us for over 10 years.

Our Websites

Our website are full of every conceivable peice of information from multiple images, virtual tours, flooor plans, location maps to assist you the holiday maker in this very importabnt desicion. Our websites display real time rates and availability.

Our Systems & Processes

Thredbonet Marketing is the developer of the revoltionary Genkan Property management software, a product that is at the forefront of Holiday rental Property Management in Australia, Japan, South East Asia and Europe

For more information call our Sydney office on 9929 7944 or complete the Contact Us form.